Organic Fertilizer for Banana


Kana Bhai Thummar,A farmer of Jasapar, Tal.Talala (Sasan Gir) Dist. Junagadh Cultivated Banana Crop with Plantonics Organic fertilizer.Kanabhai is very Happy to see,Greener and Healthier Banana Crop. Kanabhai Used Plantonics granules, in Place of Urea, DAP, Zyme granules, and other Plant Growth Promoters.Kanabhai says about his Crop, that no one…

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Organic fertilizer for Mango


Organic mango Cultivated with Plantonics organics fertilizer and Plantonics Liquid.Vipul bhai a farmer of Jamvala (Sasan Gir) Used Plantonics Organic fertilizer.earlier his crop was about to vanish and he was not even think that his crop will survive in attack of unfavorable condition-fruit dropping in whole region.he sprayed Plantonics and…

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