No chemical spray – No Urea on this cotton field

Cotton with organic fertilizer plantonics

Share this on WhatsAppNo chemical spray – No Urea on this cotton field Ramdev Sinh is a Farmer of — Village Nana Dhola Dist. Bhavnagar.Ramdev Sinh used Plantonics Granules, Plantonics Cotton Special and Plantonics Gold.Whole cotton field is symmetrical in growth, color and height.Intense branching, Green Healthy Dense Young and…

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7.5 Feet tall Cotton with Plantonics organic fertilizer

plantonics in Cotton

Share this on WhatsApp7.5 feet tall cotton – one of the best cotton plot in India Cotton Sowing Date 10 May 2017 This photo was taken on 11th August 2017   Sowing Date: 10th May 2017 Photo Date: 11-08-2017 and 10-08-2017 Height:7.5 Feet No of Matured Ball: More than 250…

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Organic Beetroot with Plantonics Organic fertilizer


Share this on WhatsAppOrganic Beetroot with Plantonics Organic fertilizer Jasmat bhai, A farmer of Mahuva Taluka Dist. Bhavnagar Purchased Plantonics Vegetable Special and Plantonics Granules for Beetroot Crop. Surprise came just after one month of Application of Plantonics Organic fertilizer, because Beetroot weighed 14 Kg. farmer and whole village is…

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Mung with Plantonics Organic fertilizer

Share this on WhatsAppMung with Plantonics Organic fertilizer Rasik bhai, A farmer of Talala Gir, Junagadh Gujarat showing performance of Plantonics Dhanya A research Product of Gujarat Bio Organics P. Ltd. Organic fertilizer manufacturer in Gujarat. Its amazing to see performance of Plantonics organic fertilizer on my field. size of leaves…

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Cotton with Plantonics Organic Fertilizer

Plantonics Performance in Cotton Prashant

Share this on WhatsAppCotton with Plantonics Organic Fertilizer Mr. Prashant Godedara, A farmer of Mahrajpur Abhor Dist. Fazilka Punjab grown cotton with Plantonics on 10-may 2017. Mr. Prashant observed good growth, more branches, larger and greener leaves and height was better than other farmers of the village. He also observed that the…

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Success story of mango farmer with Plantonics Organic fertilizer

Mango with plantonics

Share this on WhatsAppSuccess story of Mango farmer with Plantonics Organic fertilizer  Plantonics Mango Special treated Mango.Amin bhai have mango farm near Junagadh.Amin bhai used to use chemicals in mango cultivation. huge spending on chemical fertilizer, chemical pesticides, chemical fungicide etc..Every year Production rate was getting down, he was worried…

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Success story of cotton farmer with Plantonics organic fertilizer


Share this on WhatsAppSuccess story of cotton farmer with organic fertilizer Bhagavan bhai is a farmer of Budhel, Dist Bhavnagar Gujarat. Bhagavan bhai is in cotton farming since decades. every year expenses increasing and yield is decreasing. Bhagavan bhai used Plantonics Cotton Special for Better yield. Bhagavan bhai mentioned that he…

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Highest Potato Yield with Plantonics Organic fertilizer

Share this on WhatsAppPlantonics Organic fertilizer Performance on the Potato harvesting Field. Potato on the Field Shows result of Plantonics Potato Special and Plantonics Gold. Plantonics Potato Special is research product of Gujarat Bio organics. P. Ltd.                          …

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Organic Farming VS Chemical Farming in Onion Cultivation

Comparison Organic Fertilizer VS Chemical Fertilizer Urea in Onion Farming

Share this on WhatsAppComparison of Organically Grown and Chemically Grown Onion Which One is Better ? Organic Farming or Chemical Farming ? This is a Simple comparison of Organic farming VS Chemical Farming. More than 90 % farmers believe that chemical farming is better in terms of Cultivation and Getting…

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Organic Fertilizer Performance in Sugarcane Cultivation

Sugarcane Growth With Plantonics Organic fertilizer

Share this on WhatsAppOrganic Fertilizer Performance in Sugarcane Cultivation Kana bhai is a farmer of Medha Village of Talaja Taluka Dist. Bhavnagar Gujarat. Kana bhai has taken a trial of Plantonics Organic fertilizer in Sugarcane just to check how it works. Kana bhai Shares his Experience, how Plantonics Organic fertilizer…

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Brinjal Shining with Organic fertilizer

Brinjal with Plantonics Organic fertilizer

Share this on WhatsApp Ranchod Bhai, A Farmer of Gujarat Showing his Success with Plantonics Organic fertilizer Treatment in Brinjal. (Egg Plant). Better Shining, Big Size, Great Taste and Young Brinjal Gets Highest Price in the Market. Ranchhod Bhai Mentioned that Particularly in this season, Brinjal yield and Quality is…

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Apple Ber with Plantonics Organic fertilizer

Share this on WhatsAppApple Ber with Plantonics organic fertilizer. Plantonics Fruit Special and Plantonics Granules works extra ordinary in Apple Ber. Unbelieveable High Yield- (Plant Broken Down) Best Fruit Quality, Shine an Size Great Taste Higher Prices in Market Watch the Video     Plantonics Treatment in Apple Ber: Plantonics…

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How to Control Pink Bollworm in Cotton ?

Share this on WhatsApp  Nowadays Bt Cotton Crop is Going on and because of failure of Bt Technology, Pink Bollworm Attacked on Cotton throughout the World. Cotton is Very Essential crop in terms of economics. and because of economical benefit farmer moved towards Bt Cotton, but within 10-15 years, Bt…

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Chemical farming Vs Organic Farming- Onion Seedling

Share this on WhatsAppChemical Farming Vs Organic FarmingThis video Shows real Difference between Chemically gown Onion Seedling with urea and DAP and Organic fertilizer treatment on the field. Organically grown onion seedling with “Plantonics” an Innovative research product of Gujarat Bio Organics P.Ltd and Urea -chemical fertilizers treated comparison.This comparison…

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Review | Plantonics Organic Fertilizer Effect on Organic Vegetables

Share this on WhatsAppMitul Patel is Professional farmer of Navasari Gujarat.Mitul bhai uses many Techniques to increase Agriculture Production. Also mitul bhai is Influenced by Organic farming technology and trying to grow with help of Organic Inputs Only.Mitul bhai has started Using Plantonics in SEP 2015 for Trial Purpose in…

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