Organic Fertilizer Raw Material Supply

Organic Fertilizer Raw Material Supply

As Organic farming is Booming in India and requirement of Quality Organic Input is All time High, Gujarat Bio Organics Introduces Supply of Quality Organic fertilizer Raw Materials to Meet the Demand of Pure Raw Material.

Consistent Quality, On Time Delivery and Industry Leading prices are our Core Competence.

We Do Not Sale Chinese Products, Most of Raw Material is Swadeshi.

We Supply Following Organic fertilizer Raw Materials,

  1. Rock Phosphate High Grade Rock Phosphate 22 to 30 % P2O5
  2. Bentonite Granules All Grades and Size. Roasted Bentonite and Unroasted Bentonite. 
  3. Organic Fertilizer 50 Kg Bag
  4. Zyme Granules 10-20 KG Bucket
  5. Zyme Granules Bulk
  6. Liquid Organic fertilizer for Coating on Bentonite Granules to Make Zyme Granules
  7. Liquid Humic Acid
  8. Liquid Seaweed Extract
  9. Amino Acid Liquid 20 %
  10. Amino Acid Liquid 40 %
High Grade Rock Phosphate

Rock Phosphate

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