Yes, We can feed the World, Organically.

Gujarat Bio Organics P.Ltd working towards making The World Greener, Cleaner and Healthier.

               We have time tested Result Oriented Organic Product for Better fertility and higher yield.

By using Plantonics Products thousands of farmers had made their life more comfortable and Wealthy.

               If you are a person deeply concerned about Natural bio-Diversity, Ecological Balance, Eco-System Global Warming, Contamination of our Water bodies, Degradation of Soil, Hazardous Chemical fertilizer and Pesticides residues in Food Produce, deep pain of farmers with We invite all those peoples who believe in Bio-Organic farming to become a part of the great Movement towards making the world Greener, Cleaner and Healthier and Sustainable Agriculture.

               We have Range of Product for high yield and our R & D team is striving to introduce new product for Plant protection (many of them are under trials and Legal Approval)

               We offer our best Products as OEM to Dealer-Distributors, Wholesale Sales, Bulk Supply and Private Labeling, whichever is convenient to Our Partner.

Partner Profile

  • Organic Fertilizer Dealers
  • Organic fertilizer Distributors
  • Organic Fertilizers Wholesaler
  • Organic fertilizer manufacturing Company
  • Pesticide Dealers
  • Pesticide Wholesalers
  • Pesticide Distributors
  • Pesticide manufacturing Company
  • Chemical Fertilizer Dealers
  • Chemical fertilizer Distributors
  • Chemical Fertilizers Wholesaler
  • Chemical fertilizer manufacturing Company
  • NGO working towards Organic farming
  • Co-Operative Societies
  • Farmer Groups/ Farmer Clubs

If you are in this field or planning to start a new venture, Please feel free to Contact Us.




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