Cotton with Plantonics Organic Fertilizer

Plantonics Performance in Cotton Prashant

Cotton with Plantonics Organic Fertilizer Mr. Prashant Godedara, A farmer of Mahrajpur Abhor Dist. Fazilka Punjab grown cotton with Plantonics on 10-may 2017. Mr. Prashant observed good growth, more branches, larger and greener leaves and height was better than other farmers of the village. He also observed that the cotton field is…

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organic cotton growing with organic fertilizer

Organic cotton growing with organic fertilizer

Vala Bhai, A farmer of Hamirpara has grown cotton with Plantonics Cotton Special and Plantonics Granules.

Vala bhai is very Happy to see the cotton growth.

Vala bhai says, ” I have never seen height and growth of cotton in my life.”

Cotton was sown 6 feet X 2.5 feet distance,  but it was difficult to go inside cotton field after 95 days, you can see in the video below.

Plantonics organic fertilizer cotton special and Plantonics Granules broke all myth of farmers that “without Urea and DAP; we can not get maximum yield.”

 While Plantonics treated cotton fields are getting highest yield without chemical fertilizers like urea, dap, 19-19-19 , 0-52-34 and other water soluble fertilizer.

Another benefit of Plantonics treatment is, it helps reducing chemical fertilizer, chemical pesticides and chemical fungicide applications. Because Plantonics organic fertilizer treatment helps to keep crops young and healthy. once crop is healthy; there is huge saving on chemicals.

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