Potato production with help of Organic Fertilizer

Idris Bhai, A farmer of Amarasar Tk. Vankaner, Dist. Rajkot of Gujarat State, is a totally new to organic farming as well as new to potato farming.
Idris bhai is very enterprising farmer and he decided to go for Potato farming with Plantonics Organic fertilizer.
He started Potato farming even though whole village was against him that we dont have that Soil type, Geographical area and atmosphere. as well as if you grow Potato, you will never succeed. But Idris bhai decided, took action and Proved with help of Plantonics Organic fertilizer and Plantonics Team Support.
Idris bhai got average of 11-12 tuber per plant.
The potato tuber is Shining, healthy, Heavy,Clean without soil (even a though, the soil is black and sticky)
He says my whole village and nearby farmers appreciate me as i did the thing, which was nearly impossible in our black soil.even a technical peoples of seed company gave good remark that these potato is better than “DEESA” (a well known Potato belt of Gujarat)
he says after using plantonics Organic fertilizer, we did not require, Zyme granules, chemical fertilizer like UREA -DAP, calcium magnesium, sulfur,zinc, potash, copper, as well as fungicide, pesticides, insecticides, monochrotophos, imida, proffenophos.
he is also confident to get more price in the market compare to other potato which is grown with chemical fertilizers and Chemical Pesticides.
he is very happy with Plantonics Performance in every crop, right from cotton, Chilly and Potato.
He recommends all farmer to use Plantonics if you want higher yield and better Price.
Plantonics is a research Product of Gujarat Bio Organics P. Ltd
manufacturer of Organic fertilizers in India.
visit www.gujaratbio.com or call on +91 9737045900

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