Plantonics Organic input review for Onion higher yield early germination

Farmer’s review Plantonics Organic Input who used Plantonics in Onion and ALFAALFA (Rajkot) for “Plantonics” an Innovative research product of Gujarat Bio Organics P.Ltd
his onion was in very bad condition and after application of Plantonics, his onion was recovered within three days, he noticed visible difference within three days. another farmer Mr. Satar bhai used Plantonics in ALFALFA, and magically he seen his crop was germinated within three days, which normally takes 7 to 9 days.

after treatment of plantonics he is happy with performance of plantonics, also recommends other farmers to use it.

so many peoples quit conventional farming after use of Plantonics liquid and Granules.

Our mission is to protect Soil,crops, human and animals from hazardous adverse effect of chemical fertilizers, improve livelihood of farmer, safe and sufficient food for all.

to make happy and healthy community Plantonics is committed to provide best solutions for agriculture.

come join us to save our Eco-System and Bio Diversity.

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