Potato production with help of Organic Fertilizer

Idris Bhai, A farmer of Amarasar Tk. Vankaner, Dist. Rajkot of Gujarat State, is a totally new to organic farming as well as new to potato farming.
Idris bhai is very enterprising farmer and he decided to go for Potato farming with Plantonics Organic fertilizer. Continue reading

Let’s Make India Green and Healthier

Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan: Ek Kadam Swachhata Ki Ore

Mahatma Gandhi communicated a quintessential message to the nation through his efforts to educate people around him about cleanliness. He wished to see a “Clean India” where people work hand in hand to make the country clean. To work seriously towards this vision of Gandhiji, Prime Continue reading

Last Words of A P J Abdul Kalam

9speechlecture1016Shillong: Former President APJ Abdul Kalam, the ‘missile man’ who came to be known as ‘People’s President’ died on Monday after he collapsed during a lecture at the IIM in Shillong on Monday evening.

Kalam, who would have turned 84 in October, was confirmed dead more than two hours after he was wheeled into the ICU of Bethany hospital in a critical condition following the collapse at around 6.30 pm.

According to reports, Kalam suffered a massive cardiac arrest during the lecture at IIM, Shillong.

Considered the most popular President, Kalam became the 11th head of the state and occupied the post between 2002 and 2007 but lack of consensus denied a second term in office for a man who came from outside political spectrum.

Meghalaya Governor V Shanmughanathan, who rushed to the hospital on hearing the news of his admission, said Kalam died at 7.45 pm. Despite medical team best efforts, he could not be revived. Continue reading

Organic Fertilizer for Banana

Organic fertilizer for Banana

Share this on WhatsApp Kana Bhai Thummar,A farmer of Jasapar, Tal.Talala (Sasan Gir) Dist. Junagadh Cultivated Banana Crop with Plantonics Organic fertilizer.Kanabhai is very Happy to see,Greener and Healthier Banana Crop. Kanabhai Used Plantonics granules, in Place of Urea, DAP, Zyme granules, and other Plant Growth Promoters.Kanabhai says about his…

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Organic fertilizer for Mango


Share this on WhatsApp Organic mango Cultivated with Plantonics organics fertilizer and Plantonics Liquid.Vipul bhai a farmer of Jamvala (Sasan Gir) Used Plantonics Organic fertilizer.earlier his crop was about to vanish and he was not even think that his crop will survive in attack of unfavorable condition-fruit dropping in whole…

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Organic Lemon Grown with Plantonics


Share this on WhatsApp   Hamir bhai, A farmer of Jambuda Tal. Mahuva was not happy with his lime plant, as he was not getting lime since last tow years.he used Plantonics, and within 15 days, lime improved and started heavily yielding within short period of time.he tried Urea, DAP,…

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Jovar Sorghum Grown with Organic Fertilizer

Zyme Granules

Share this on WhatsApp Jovar was grown with help of Plantonics Organic fertilizer.Dalpat bhai A farmer of Jalila, Village of Ranpur Taluka Surendranagar Grown Sorghum (Jovar) with Plantonics Organic Fertilizer.and he has not used any Chemical fertilizer like UREA, DAP, AMMONIUM SULFATE, or PESTICIDES, FUNGICIDES, WEEDICIDE, HERBICIDES, or Zyme Granules,…

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Farmer Testimonial at agrivision 2014 Exhibition


Share this on WhatsApp Farmer testimonial at Agri Vision 2014 Kagvad.Mansukh bhai, a Happy Farmer of Samadhiyala, Tal. Manavadar Dist. junagadh.He says he Used Plantonics Organic fertilizer and Got very encouraging result of Plantonics Organic fertilizer from Gujarat Bio Organics P.Ltd.He says his Crop was not growing well and he…

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Plantonics Organic fertilizer for Coriander

Organic fertilizer for Coriander
Organic farming

Share this on WhatsApp   Organic Coriander grown with Help Of Plantonics Organic fertilizer.Plantonics is a Research Product of Gujarat Bio Organics P.Ltd.Plantonics improved Color, Growth and Height of Coriander.Plantonics is Very Effective on all crops Compare to Zyme Granules.Plantonics Granules works far better than Seaweed, humic acid, Amino acid,…

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Carrot Comparison – Chemical or Organic


Share this on WhatsApp Plantonics Organic fertilizer Used in Carrot.This video Shows difference between Chemically Grown Carrot and Organically grown Carrot.Comparison clearly differentiate at least 200 % increase in fresh weight and size of organically Grown Carrot.Plantonics A research Product of Gujarat Bio Organics P.Ltd. Organic fertilizer manufacturer in india.Plantonics…

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Organic fertilizer for high Yield in wheat


Share this on WhatsApp Plantonics works magically on Wheat.Plantonics Organic fertilizer is best for high yield of wheat.This farmer does not applied any chemical fertilizer including DAP, UREA, 12-32-16, NPK, 19-19-19, MKP, Still the farmer got 150 % Yield compare to Chemical fertlizer farmer.Quality, Appearance and taste is Unmatchable with…

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Organic Spinach with Plantonics Organic fertilizer-palak | Organic fertilizer | Gujarat Bio

palak organic

Share this on WhatsApp Organic Spinach With Plantonics Organic fertilizer.Best Organic fertilizer manufacturer.Plantonics Improves Vegetables Color, Taste, shelf life and Weight.Plantonics granules -far Better Than most of zymevisit https://www.gujaratbio.com Share this on WhatsApp

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Organic-Okra -BHINDI with Plantonics | Organic fertilizer for Ladies Finger | Gujarat Bio

bhindo copy

Share this on WhatsApp Organic Ladies Finger -BHINDI with Plantonics | Organic fertilizer for Ladies Finger | Gujarat BioPlantonics Improves Ladies finger Size Shape Color Taste and Weight.“with help of Plantonics vegetable Special my yield increased by 100% ” Says Dinesh bhai a farmer of Bhavnagar District. Best Organic fertilizer…

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Onion Grown with Organic fertilizer


Share this on WhatsAppOnion Grown with Plantonics Organic fertilizer.   Raghuvir Sinh is a farmer of Chhapri Tal: Mahuva Dist. Bhavnagar Sharing his Experience. His Onion Crop was not growing well, he used Plantonics Onion Special and Plantonics Granules. Within 3 days Crop responded to Plantonics Plantonics treatment. Very happy…

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