Organic fertilizer saves Crop against fungal attack


A Sugarcane crop was saved by Plantonics.
The Crop was about to fail, but one application of Plantonics Liquid Worked in 72 Hours.
Farmer had noticed visible difference in 3 days.
his fungal attack was subside in no time.
very fast acting Organic input for Better immunity.
farmer is very happy, as he used 3 bags of Urea, and 2 Bags of DAP in nearly one acre of Sugarcane, but no result. he used Plantonics and got result in 72 hours.
he used many zyme granules, fungicides, insecticides, plant growth promoters, growth hormone, amino acid, seaweed extract, but he got better result in Plantonics. Thanks to state of the art technology developed by Gujarat Bio Organics P.Ltd.
after application of plantonics Organic fertilizer, farmer is confident to get 75 % increase in Yield.
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