Plantonics Onion Special

What is Plantonics Onion Special…?

  • Plantonics Onion Special is Research Product for highest Yield in Onion.


  • Plantonics Onion Special is triple acting Organic input for higher yield in Onion, which works as an Organic fertilizer, Organic Plant Growth Promoter and Organic Soil Supplement.
  • Plantonics onion special is used for Potato, Garlic, Beet root, turmeric, Ginger, Radish and Carrot.

Why Plantonics Onion Special…?

  • Onion Special Improves Root System, Chlorophyll Content, Increased Size and Weight of Onion Bulb.
  • Plantonics Onion Special Provides Market’s Highest Price to farmer because of Better Colour and Appearance, Improved Shelf Life of Onion.
  • Protection against Diseases and Unfavourable atmosphere
  • saves huge on Chemical Pesticides.
  • Savings on water Up to 40%.  
  • Savings on Urea up to 100%
  • Savings on DAP up to 75 to 100 %
  • Increase in Onion Yield up to 100 %
  • Improved Soil fertility, Vigorous Plant growth, Healthy Leaves, Roots, Bulb, Decrease in Crop
  • Duration and Highest yield is Added advantage of Plantonics Onion Special.


Usage:  All crops Including Wheat, Paddy, Sugarcane, Pearl Millet, Maize, Cotton, Vegetables, Onion, Potato, All Fruit Crops like Citrus Fruit, Mango, Guava, and Most of Spices crops Tea Coffee.

Doasge: Use Plantonics Liquid as foliar spray 2-3 ml/litre of water.

700-800 ML/ Acre with Drip-Runoff water.

Packing: 1Litre -5 Litres.

Compatible with most of Chemical fertilizer and Chemical Pesticides as well as Bio fertilizers and bio pesticides-Recommended Jar test.

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