Organic fertilizer for high Yield in Mango

Organic mango Cultivated with Plantonics organics fertilizer and Plantonics Liquid.
Vipul bhai a farmer of Jamvala (Sasan Gir) Used Plantonics Organic fertilizer.
earlier his crop was about to vanish and he was not even think that his crop will survive in attack of unfavorable condition-fruit dropping in whole region.
he sprayed Plantonics and his crop survived, as well as he got highest yield of his Lifetime.
Yield is not only reason to use Plantonics, But Color, Taste, Weight Size, Shape, and Appearance of Mango is appealing which gives premium Prices in Market.
Earlier he used many chemical fertilizers,urea, Dap, ammonium sulfate, chemical pesticides, fungiside, bio fungicide, bio pesticides, zyme granules of many types, plant growth Promoter, amino acids, seaweed extract, humic acid, biofertilizers, and many other inputs, but he never got yield like he got in Plantonics Granules and Plantonics liquid fertilizers.
he recommends farmer to use Plantonics for Highest yield in Mango.
Gujarat bio Organics P.Ltd. is Engaged in Manufacturing of high quality Organic fertilizer, Plant growth Promoters, bio fungicides, bio pesticides and bio Pesticides.
farmers are happy with Performance of Plantonics in Mango, as Plantonics provides best Protection against Fruit Droppings.
Use Plantonics for High yield, great Premium prices and over and Above Organic food Production.

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