Plantonics Fruit Special

What is Plantonics Fruit Special..?

  • Plantonics Fruit Special is Research Product for highest Yield in Fruit Crops Like Pomegranates, Orange, Lemon, Papaya, Custard Apple, Banana, Coconut, Watermelon, Musk Melon, Guava , Grapes, Apples, Cherry, Strawberry,fruit Sapota (Chikoo), Pineapple , Sweet Orange (Mosambi), and all Horticulture Crops.
  • Plantonics Fruit Special is triple acting Organic input for higher yield in Fruit Crops, which works as an Organic fertilizer, Organic Plant Growth Promoter and Organic Soil Supplement.
  • Why Plantonics Fruit Special? Fruit Special Improves color, Increased Size and Weight of Fruit attractive Appearance of Fruit Crops.
  • Great Taste is Trademark of Plantonics Fruit Special, as it improves taste, and Customers returns every year for the unforgettable taste of Plantonics Fruit Special.
  • Plantonics Fruit Special Provides Market’s Highest Price to farmer because of Better Taste, Color, Appearance, Improved Shelf Life of Fruit.                                           
  • Decreased Dropping of Flowering and Fruit    buy-now
  • Highest Yield of Fruit Crops after application of Plantonics Fruit   Special
  • Plantonics Fruit Special Can be used in Organic farming.


  • Protection against Diseases and Unfavorable atmospheric Shock saves huge on Chemical Pesticides.
  • Savings on water Up to 40%.
  • Savings on Chemical fertilizers and Pesticides up to 50%
  • Increase in Yield up to 50 %
  •  Improved Soil fertility, Vigorous Plant growth, Healthy Leaves, Roots, Flowering, Fruit Size, Early Harvesting and Highest yield is Added advantage of Plantonics Fruit Special.
  • Cost effective and Eco-friendly.


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