Plantonics Drip Special

What is Plantonics Drip Special..?

  • Plantonics Drip Special is triple acting Research Organic Product for higher yield in most of the Crops, which works as an Organic fertilizer, Organic Plant Growth Promoter and Organic Soil Supplement for highest Yield in all Crops Like Cotton, Onion, Wheat, Vegetables, Spices, Groundnut, Sesame, Sunflower, Coconut,   and all type of Horticulture Crops.


  • Why Plantonics Drip Special?   Drip Special Improves Soil Structure, Texture, Water Balance, Ph and increases Soil Microbial Activity.
  • Soft and fertile soil is Trademark of Plantonics Drip Special, as it makes soil softer better than gypsum and healthy white roots increases Plant growth.
  • Plantonics Drip Special Provides More Oxygen to Roots, which results in higher yield.
  • Plantonics Drip Special’s great advantage is it creates an Environment in soil which allows friendly bacteria to grow and Negative Atmosphere for Pathogens.
  • Plantonics Drip Special improves uptake and efficiency of chemical fertilizers, which saves Huge on Chemical fertilizers.
  • Protection against Diseases and Unfavourable atmospheric Shock saves huge on Chemical Pesticides.


  • Savings on water Up to 40%.
  • Savings on Chemical fertilizers and Pesticides up to 35%                  
  • Increase in Yield up to 25 %
  • Improved Soil fertility, Vigorous Plant growth, Healthy Roots are Added advantage of Plantonics Drip Special.
  •  Cost effective and Eco-friendly.


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