Plantonics Organic fertilizer for Coriander


Organic Coriander grown with Help Of Plantonics Organic fertilizer.
Plantonics is a Research Product of Gujarat Bio Organics P.Ltd.
Plantonics improved Color, Growth and Height of Coriander.
Plantonics is Very Effective on all crops Compare to Zyme Granules.
Plantonics Granules works far better than Seaweed, humic acid, Amino acid, Bio Extract Granules, Bio products and Zyme Granules.

if we compare Plantonics with Zyme Granules, most of Zyme granules requires Chemical fertilizers, while Plantonics Granules of Gujarat Bio Organics P.Ltd. Works effectively on crops.
Gujarat Bio Organics P.Ltd is working towards making the world cleaner and greener, Healthy and Fulfilled farmer community as well as consumers of the world, and manufacturing Organic fertilizers, and Plant growth Promoters.

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