Organic Fertilizer for Banana

Kana Bhai Thummar,
A farmer of Jasapar,
Tal.Talala (Sasan Gir)
Dist. Junagadh

Cultivated Banana Crop with Plantonics Organic fertilizer.
Kanabhai is very Happy to see,Greener and Healthier Banana Crop.

Kanabhai Used Plantonics granules, in Place of Urea, DAP, Zyme granules, and other Plant Growth Promoters.
Kanabhai says about his Crop, that no one has achieved growth of Banana within this time period.
He is very happy about Size of Leaves, Strong Stem, Height of Banana Crop and moreover Population of Earth worms after use of Plantonics.
Kanabhai recommends to use Plantonics for more Yield and Better Quality Food Produce to get Premium Prices and improve farmer community life.
Earthworms helps in making soil more porous and fertile.
Plantonics is research Product of Gujarat Bio Organics P.Ltd. Manufacturer of Organic fertilizer, Plant growth Promoters, Bio Fungicide, Bio Insecticides, Plant Protectors and Neem Based Pesticides.

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