Organic Farming VS Chemical Farming in Onion Cultivation

Comparison of Organically Grown and Chemically Grown Onion

Comparison Organic Fertilizer VS Chemical Fertilizer Urea in Onion Farming

Comparison: Organic Fertilizer Plantonics VS Chemical Fertilizer Urea in Onion Farming

Which One is Better ? Organic Farming or Chemical Farming ?

This is a Simple comparison of Organic farming VS Chemical Farming.

More than 90 % farmers believe that chemical farming is better in terms of Cultivation and Getting more Yield Comparatively to Organic Farming.

But Above Image Clearly indicates which One Is Better.

Both Onion Grown with one Day Difference on Same field with same Seed and Water.

Left side Image with Plantonics Organic fertilizer, and Right side with Urea.

and what is the Difference ? Here are Few.

  1. Size: Size  of Onion
  2. Roots: No. of Roots, Length and Health of the Onion roots
  3. Leaves: SIze, Length, Chlorophyll Content and Health of the Onion Leaves.
  4. Soil: This Comparison Shows that Soil of Organically Grown onion is with Better Soil Structure and Soil Texture that’s why  roots are clear from Soil; and in Chemically Grown Onion has lot of soil with onion roots, which indicates there is a Disturbed Soil Structure and Soil Texture.
  5. Stem of Organically Grown Onion is Straight, while Chemically grown Onion is bent near Onion Bulb.

What is Your Choice ? Organic or Chemical ?

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