Apple Ber with Plantonics Organic Fertilizer

Apple Ber with Plantonics Organic Fertilizer

Ramesh Bhai A farmer of Khirasara Tal. Lodhika Dist. Rajkot used Plantonics Fruit Special Plantonics Granules and Plantonics Liquid Organic fertilizer in his Apple Ber Crop.
Ramesh bhai Observed tremendous Success after application of Plantonics Products in his Apple Ber Farm.
He noticed there are more fruit than leaves.most of branches Broken down because of heavy weight.
Shining, Color, Sweetness and Weight of Apple Ber was at par.

Plantonics Organic fertilizer

Apple ber with Plantonics organic fertilizers

He mentioned in Market yard every apple ber farmer used to get 10 Rs. per Kg, while Rameshbhai is selling his apple ber @ 40 Rs./Kg.
sweet taste of Organic without spending much on Chemical fertilizer like DAP and UREA with help of plantonics organic fertilizer.
Plantonics is Specialty product of Gujarat Bio Organics P.Ltd.Gujarat bio Organics P.Ltd is world class organic fertilizer manufacturer in India.

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