No chemical spray – No Urea on this cotton field

No chemical spray – No Urea on this cotton field

Ramdev Sinh is a Farmer of — Village Nana Dhola Dist. Bhavnagar.
Ramdev Sinh used Plantonics Granules, Plantonics Cotton Special and Plantonics Gold.
Whole cotton field is symmetrical in growth, color and height.
Intense branching, Green Healthy Dense Young and Large size cotton leaves.
Ramdev Sinh is sharing his experience ” i Have never seen crop like this.”
its Amazing to see this cotton, there is no Thrips, Mites or any other pest or diseases anywhere in the field.
We can see difference between two fields in middle of this video, there is no Point of Comparison between Plantonics Cotton and Without Plantonics Cotton. ” its a huge difference between my cotton and neighbour’s Cotton.” Says Ramdev Sinh.
This cotton field is Best in Whole Village.

Crop Duration : 2 months

Best fertilizer for Cotton – Products used
Plantonics Cotton Special Spray 2 ML/ Litre
Plantonics Gold Spray 2 ML / Litre
Plantonics Granules 20 Kg / Acre

Plantonics Granules, Plantonics Cotton Special, Plantonics Gold is a research product of Gujarat Bio Organics P.Ltd
No. 1 Manufacturer of Organic fertilizer in India.


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