Mung with Plantonics Organic fertilizer

Mung with Plantonics Organic fertilizer

Rasik bhai, A farmer of Talala Gir, Junagadh Gujarat showing performance of Plantonics Dhanya A research Product of Gujarat Bio Organics P. Ltd. Organic fertilizer manufacturer in Gujarat.

Its amazing to see performance of Plantonics organic fertilizer on my field.

Mung with Plantonics Organic fertilizer

Mung with Plantonics organic fertilizer

size of leaves is increased and whole field is dense. best flowering and highest setting.

i will get highest yield in mung this year compared to earlier.

Requirement of Urea, DAP, MOP, Potash, 19-19-19, 0-52-34, water soluble fertilizers chemical fertilizers, rasayanik urvarak decreases greatly. there is least requirement of additional chemical fertilizer after Plantonics organic fertilizer.

its nice to see the field of healthy and high yielding crop, as its best in color, shining and health.

he Says its Amazing Performance in Mung. we have used Plantonics last year in coriander and got good result, so i have used this year too.

As farmer and consumer awareness increased, more and more peoples attracted towards jaivik kheti – organic farming; where fertilizer means uravarak are being used which is originated from organic source. mostly non hazardous.


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