Highest Mango Production with Plantonics Mango Special Organic fertilizer

Highest Mango Production with Plantonics Mango Special Organic fertilizer.
A Farmer Mr. Nandlal of Talala Dist. Gir Somntah – Junagadh in Gujarat, was facing problem of Low yield and higher expenses in Mango Cultivation recent years. because of global warming his mango production was declined greatly. he was trying a lot to get more yield in mango, but was not able reach up to the mark.
Some of farmer of his village were using Plantonics mango special for high yield. then he approached Plantonics and started using Plantonics. Within a short period of he observed difference. he could notice that health of Mango tree is improved and mango flowering bunch which earlier was about 5-6 inches, now it was about 9-10 inches. Also flowering was healthy. He noticed fruit setting of mango was very fast and fruit was so healthy that fungus, powdery mildew could not attack mango flowering and fruits. when mango tree bearing more fruit, more than 50% leaves turns yellow and fall down from mango tree, but in the case of Plantonics Treatment he observed all tree were dark green in color.
unfortunately that year was very disappointing for mango farmers because 3-4 rain and cyclone attacked during flowering and fruit setting of mango season and most of mango farms were vanished, while Mr. Nandlal’s Mango tree were totally ok even after cyclone attack. it is because the fruit was so healthy and strong that cyclone could not affect mango fruit. Another observation was he required a very less amount of pesticides and insecticides. When other mango farmers had 4-5 spray of insecticides and pesticides, he required only one spray. One more thing is important to mention, some of his mango tree was dying, but after Plantonics treatment it has started sprouting again. He saved those mango trees.
He got record mango production and fruit size and taste was at par.

Plantonics Mango Special Treated Mango

Organic mango cultivation with Plantonics organic fertilizer

his Neighbors and friends were not able to believe what they have seen with their naked eyes. Highest yield of Mango in Nandlal’s Mango farm. While more than 75 % crop was failed and here they noticed this mango were intact.which proved that organic farming is better then chemical farming.
When Plantonics team Approached Mr. Nandlal for his experience with Plantonics, he came in front of camera and given his interview.
He recommends to every Mango farmer “if you want to get highest yield -Production in Mango farming, go for Plantonics Mango Special treatment.”
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