Success story of mango farmer with Plantonics Organic fertilizer

Success story of Mango farmer with Plantonics Organic fertilizer 

Plantonics Mango Special treated Mango.
Amin bhai have mango farm near Junagadh.
Amin bhai used to use chemicals in mango cultivation. huge spending on chemical fertilizer, chemical pesticides, chemical fungicide etc..
Every year Production rate was getting down, he was worried about Production and Quality.
Amin bhai Started using Plantonics Treatment for Mango, and within short period of time he got best results.
Mango turned green and dense. flowering was intense. No Dropping and best fruit setting.
Size was increased with Better Shining.
Best part was great taste of Mango.
Amin bhai got best rates in market, compared to chemical farming.
his costing was less compared to chemical farming and output increased to almost double.
amin bhai is celebrating his success story by giving advice to all farmer, go for plantonics organic fertilizer and plantonics mango special.

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