How to Control Pink Bollworm in Cotton ?


pink bollworm

Pink Bollworm in cotton-photo by Bt cotton Technologies

Nowadays Bt Cotton Crop is Going on and because of failure of Bt Technology, Pink Bollworm Attacked on Cotton throughout the World.

Cotton is Very Essential crop in terms of economics. and because of economical benefit farmer moved towards Bt Cotton, but within 10-15 years, Bt Technology failed and now farmers are in a misery.

Farmers are not able to decide; whether to continue with Bt cotton crop or go ahead with new crop ?

Question arises over here is, how to save Bt Cotton from Pink bollworm ? 

Please Note that Pink Bollworm is Internal feeder and none of the chemical Insecticide or Pesticide will work, once it entered inside the Boll.

here are some Precautions which can protect the cotton crop from pink bollworm.

  1. Install Pheromen trap Minimum 5 Pcs Per Acre
  2. Use Pure neem Oil Spray 50 ML/15 Litre of water- Make Sure Neem oil is Pure and Cold Crushed.
  3. Spray Beauveria Bassiana 500 ML / Acre.
  4. Spray metarhizium Anisopliae 250 ML/ Acre.

Keep Strict watch on farm, and if you find any Pink bollworm, remove it as soon as possible.

We strongly recommend not to Spend Much on Chemical Pesticides and False claims of different Chemical pesticides manufacturers for controlling BT Cotton Pink BollWorm.


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