Farmer Testimonial at agrivision 2014 Exhibition

Farmer testimonial at Agri Vision 2014 Kagvad.
Mansukh bhai, a Happy Farmer of Samadhiyala, Tal. Manavadar Dist. junagadh.
He says he Used Plantonics Organic fertilizer and Got very encouraging result of Plantonics Organic fertilizer from Gujarat Bio Organics P.Ltd.
He says his Crop was not growing well and he used many Chemical fertilizers Like Urea, DAP, and zyme granules of many company, but he did not got perfect result.
he used Plantonics in many crops and he is highly satisfied with Plantonics organic fertilizer.
he visits Gujarat Bio Organics P.Ltd Stall in AGRI VISION 2014 KAGVAD JETPUR RAJKOT (biggest fair of Patel Community)
Plantonics Organic fertilizer is far better than zyme granules as well as Seaweed extract, amino acid granules, humic acid granules.
Plantonics is research Product of Gujarat Bio Organics P.Ltd. A Leading Manufacturer of Organic fertilizer and Plant growth Promoters.
Happy farmer is sign of our biggest achievement towards making the world Cleaner, Greener and healthier.
use Plantonics organic fertilizers and Plantonics Product for all crop to get higher Yield.

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