Cotton with Plantonics Organic Fertilizer

Cotton with Plantonics Organic Fertilizer

Mr. Prashant Godedara, A farmer of Mahrajpur Abhor Dist. Fazilka Punjab grown cotton with Plantonics on 10-may 2017.

Mr. Prashant observed good growth, more branches, larger and greener leaves and height was better than other farmers of the village.

He also observed that the cotton field is with uniform growth and symmetrical.

There is no deficiency of any macro or micronutrient seen.

Compare to last year, we did not applied dose of Urea.

fertilizer for cotton

Plantonics Organic fertilizer in Cotton

Mr. Prashant Says we used to plant Cotton 2.25 feet X 2 feet, but this time we used Plantonics Cotton Special Organic fertilizer, and cotton is at its ultimate growth, so we feel that the distance should be minimum 5 feet X 2.5 feet. because its so dense and there will not be a space to go inside the field after 3 months of sowing.





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