Chemical farming Vs Organic Farming- Onion Seedling

Chemical Farming Vs Organic Farming
This video Shows real Difference between Chemically gown Onion Seedling with urea and DAP and Organic fertilizer treatment on the field.

Organically grown onion seedling with “Plantonics” an Innovative research product of Gujarat Bio Organics P.Ltd and Urea -chemical fertilizers treated comparison.
This comparison shows vast difference between Chemically treated V/S Plantonics Organic Fertilizer.
High yield, healthy green onion seedling, 300 % better compare to Chemical One.
Plantonics Organic fertilizer  has changed Farmer’s life, as they are spending less and getting higher yield; as well as peace of mind as the crop is rarely attacked by pest and diseases.
thousand of happy farmer quit chemical farming practices as there is no need of any chemicals, and saved millions after use of Plantonics liquid and Granules Organic fertilizer.
our Mission is to protect Soil, Crops, Human and Animals from hazardous adverse effect of chemical fertilizers  & improve livelihood of farmer, safe and sufficient food for all.

Organic farming is the only way to Save our Farmers.

Come join us to save our Eco-System and Bio Diversity.

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Organic farming Onion Special Gujarat Bio

Organic farming Onion Special Gujarat Bio

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