Highest Potato Yield with Plantonics Organic fertilizer

Plantonics Organic fertilizer Performance on the Potato harvesting Field. Potato on the Field Shows result of Plantonics Potato Special and Plantonics Gold. Plantonics Potato Special is research product of Gujarat Bio organics. P. Ltd.                                …

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Plantonics Organic fertilizer in Potato Organic farming

Plantonics organic farming with help of Plantonics Potato special Organic fertilizer performance in Potato. Narsi Bhai, farmer of Deesa Taluka Got Bumper Yield in Organic potato farming with Plantonics Potato Special.Narsi Mentioned that he got 125 % yield compared to last year. Another point he told is he didn’t applied…

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Potato production with help of Organic Fertilizer

Idris Bhai, A farmer of Amarasar Tk. Vankaner, Dist. Rajkot of Gujarat State, is a totally new to organic farming as well as new to potato farming.
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