Brinjal Shining with Organic fertilizer

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Ranchod Bhai, A Farmer of Gujarat Showing his Success with Plantonics Organic fertilizer Treatment in Brinjal. (Egg Plant).

Better Shining, Big Size, Great Taste and Young Brinjal Gets Highest Price in the Market.

Ranchhod Bhai Mentioned that Particularly in this season, Brinjal yield and Quality is Very Low, but we have Good Quality as well as Highest Yield in region.

Very Happy with Plantonics Organic fertilizer Performance.

Ranchhod Bhai used following Products;

  1. Plantonics Veg. Special
  2. Plantonics Gold
  3. Plantonics Granules

Ranchhod bhai Encourages other farmers to go for Organic farming and get better Yield.

Organic farming in india is the future farming system. as most of farmers are now tired with Chemical farming.

Organic farming Now attracts many young and educated farmers.

Jaivik kheti, Prakrutik kheti, Vish mukt kheti, zero budget natural farming organic farming are now on farmer’s Priority.

There are many Success story of organic farming in india and Globally.

Go for Organic farming Now. Otherwise there is a huge defeat in chemical farming.

Posted by Gujarat Bio Organics inspire Young farmers towards Organic farming.



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