Plantonics Granules

Plantonics Granules

What is Plantonics Granules?

Plantonics Granules is developed after years of R & D on field. Plantonics Granules is Balance Diet for Soil and Plant. Plantonics Granules increases soil fertility by balancing Ph, Improving Soil Structure and texture, enhances growth of soil micro flora, as well as better environment for beneficial microbes at the same time Plantonics Granules inhibits growth of pathogens. On the other hand Plantonics Granules provides many Micro and Macro nutrients, Amino acids, Vitamins to plant in ready to use form which helps in better growth, induces flowering, better fruit setting and Higher Yield.

What is Difference between Zyme and Plantonics Granules?  

Particulars Ordinary Zyme Plantonics Granules Benefits of Plantonics Granules
Efficiency Poor Better Returning Customer
Urea / DAP No Savings Savings Up to 50-75 % Cost saving-Less
requirement of Chemicals
Water retention Poor Up to 40 % Less need of water
Improvement in Soil Property Poor Very Good Better yield
Improvement in Soil Texture Poor Very Good Best use of Inputs
Improvement  in Soil  fertility Poor Very Good Better Yield
Improvement  in Soil Structure Poor Good Water Retention
Improvement  in Soil  Microbial Activity Poor Very Good Living Soil
Savings on Chemical fertilizers
and chemical Pesticide
Very less Significant Cost Saving-Organic/
Premium Price
Increase in yield Low Significant More benefit
Best quality food produce Low Yes Organic Production/
Premium Price
Performance Less Very Good Overall Best Performance
Raw Materials used Few Quality Controlled by Expert Consistent Quality

Technical Quality

Most of Based on poor quality (china)

Based on R & D Best results
Technical Quantity As per price demand Based on R & D Recommendations Low Dose
Certification About 99 % Zyme manufacturers do
not have Organic certification
(also most of them cannot get
it, because of synthetic
materials used in Zyme)
Approved Organic as per
NSOP can be used in
organic agriculture
Can be used in Organic farming
Less chances of Residue in Export of food products
In house R & D-Large Field trials About 98 % of Zyme manufacturers do not have R & D Yes Best Product

Why Plantonics Performance is leading in Industry?

Because Plantonics Granules has proven better efficiency on many fields; Farmers love Plantonics Granules and using still using since introduction. Better Price, Consistent Quality, Prompt Delivery, Best Support and Unmatched Service.

Farmer Review for Plantonics Granules


Why Plantonics Granules for your Product?

  • Effective-Result oriented
  • Time tested formula (far better than Conventional Zyme)
  • Repeat-Returning customers
  • Approved Organic-Real Organic Yet Best performance
  • Consistent Quality
  • Prompt Delivery/Service
  • Any Packing Size – 1 Kg-4 Kg-5 Kg-8 Kg-10 Kg-20Kg-25Kg-35 Kg-50 Kg-200Kg-1000 Kg as per your need
  • Any Packing Type-Bopp Bag-LD Bag-Bucket-Drum
  • Custom Design
  • Round the clock Support
  • One Shot Solution-Hassle free Private Labelling



Increase your business by adding Plantonics Granules in your Product Portfolio.



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