Plantonics Organic fertilizer in Potato Organic farming

Plantonics organic farming with help of Plantonics Potato special Organic fertilizer performance in Potato.

Narsi Bhai, farmer of Deesa Taluka Got Bumper Yield in Organic potato farming with Plantonics Potato Special.
Narsi Mentioned that he got 125 % yield compared to last year.
Another point he told is he didn’t applied any pesticides even in very bad atmosphere; while most of potato crop was failed in his district, but his crop was intact because of Plantonics Potato Special and Plantonics Gold Application.
Narsi Bhai Mentioned that his potato crop was safe against Potato wilt, Potato virus, powdery mildew, blight, root rot and other Diseases.

Plantonics potato special organic fertilizer

Plantonics potato special organic fertilizer

Benefits noted by Narsi bhai

  • Least requirement of chemical fertilizer
  • No need of chemical insecticide
  • Dark green Color
  • Healthy Plant
  • Uniform Growth
  • 125 % Yield compared to previous year’s Chemical farming yield.
  • 50% decrease in Expenses compared to chemical farming.
  • Best Shining
  • Highest Market Rates
  • Improved Shelf life

Taste of organic potato was at par compared to Chemically grown Potato.
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