Plantonics Cotton Special

What is Plantonics Cotton Special..? 

  • Plantonics Cotton Special is Research Product for higher yield in cotton.
  • Plantonics Cotton Special triple acting Organic input for higher yield in Cotton, which works as an Organic fertilizer, Organic Plant Growth Promoter and Organic Soil Supplement.

Why Plantonics Cotton Special..?  

  • Cotton Special Improves Lust Green Colour, Growth of cotton, induces flowering and provides Protection against Flower / Boll Dropping and Increases size & weight of cotton boll.
  • Savings on water Up to 40%.
  • Savings on Urea up to 100%
  • Savings on DAP up to 50 to 100 %
  • Increase in Cotton Yield up to 50 %

-> Improved Soil fertility, Vigorous Plant growth, Healthy Leaves, Roots, Flower & Boll and Highest yield is Added advantage of Plantonics Cotton Special.

  •  Cost effective and Eco-friendly.



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