Onion Grown with Organic fertilizer

Onion Grown with Plantonics Organic fertilizer.


Raghuvir Sinh is a farmer of Chhapri Tal: Mahuva Dist. Bhavnagar Sharing his Experience.

His Onion Crop was not growing well, he used Plantonics Onion Special and Plantonics Granules.

Within 3 days Crop responded to Plantonics Plantonics treatment.

Very happy with Plantonics Performance.

Stopped Use of Urea after Plantonics Treatment.

Mentioned Plantonics is  replacement of urea dap and Chemical fertilizers.

Replacement for Zyme Granules.

Increase in Yield Upto 50%

Savings on DAP-UREA Upto 100 %

Excellent Result of Plantonics Granules and Plantonics Liquid Onion Special | Happy Farmer

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